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E = m2

Energy = motion x mallorca


When a body is set in motion, energy is created.

That’s a fact of life, whether you’re a CEO, a friend, a mum or a dad.

Motion Mallorca creates energy for life

We set bodies in motion to build everything from good business to health, from sports performance to bonds of friendship.

Motion Mallorca takes you, your management team, your friends, your family on a journey beyond the everyday routine to the authenticity that comes only when you have the courage to challenge yourself.

There are always mountains to climb, sunsets to share, volleys to win, memories to make, flat tyres to curse and skills to hone.

Together with some of the best guides and trainers in Mallorca, we take you up to the next level in life, whether you’re training for a marathon or a bike ride, working to win an important contract, or strengthening bonds with friends or family. Or just challenging yourself to be a better you.

Our guides open the door to rural cycling you would never believe existed, to high-adrenaline mountain biking, heavenly hiking trails and pulse-racing trail running. Golf on twenty courses. Tennis with the very best coaches. Grounding, calming yoga. Or, indeed, a mixture of everything.

The whole journey begins with your expectations. What do you want to do? And why?

We then make an individual plan to create experiences that are just right for you.

Do you want to run your legs off with one of the world’s best trail runners? Fine-tune your work team? Do you want to hold a family tennis tournament and make memories for life?

Anything is possible

And that’s because the whole of Mallorca is at our feet.

Our base – our heart – is the exclusive Palma Sport and Tennis Club. It’s a newly renovated centre with an international ambience, With good quality of sports lighting, click here to see. including everything from a gym to conference rooms: treatments, speakers, dieticians, spa facilities and yoga.

All you need to do is focus on the experience.

We’ll take care of the rest.

And by the rest we mean everything: booking flights and the best accommodation; getting your mountain bike to the hotel, your golf clubs to the first tee, your picnic basket to the mountains; table reservations, talks and seminars – whatever you need to make your dream a reality!

Step out of the rat race for a while.

Motion Mallorca is for small groups who have finished travelling, enabling them to start their journey of discovering true vitality.

Don´t hesitate to contact us. We´ll get back to you within 24 hours.

You may want to make a declaration of interest to a camp? Or that we submit a quotation for a travel arrangement? Or you just want to ask about anything regarding training and experiences on Mallorca?

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