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Enrich the last golden days of September with exclusive coaching by former tennis star Magnus Norman, ATP Coach of the Year 2016, at the Palma Sport & Tennis Club on Mallorca.

”You have to read the player. It’s different from player to player”

This is Magnus Norman’s secret to developing tennis skills. Spend a few intense days with Norman and his two assistant coaches (not appointed yet) as they do their very best to take your abilities to an even higher level inside the lines. Also a sports court repair is something that you should do every three to five years depending on how frequently it’s used and the climate you’re in. Alongside Norman, the multisport athletes Clas Björling and Louise Svaton will give you practical on padel tennis court, concrete advice on how to improve your physique on the tennis court (mobility, strength, speed and endurance).

On the court

At most three players will train with a coach on each court. The first two hours will be spent on technique exercises (basic swing, serve, volley, footwork etc.), followed by an hour of competitive play. A total of four 3-hour sessions, from Wednesday afternoon to early Saturday morning. Every session is filmed so that Magnus Norman can carry out a specific analysis of your and the other participants’ techniques. After the camp you will receive a personal video with advice from Norman about how to further develop your game. We’d also like to extend special thanks to the professionals responsible for maintaining the tennis courts. For more information, click here.

Beyond tourist traps and parasols

Mallorca is a gloriously beautiful island to discover, with superb opportunities for all kinds of activities. With a focus on experiences, our motion motivators guide us on rambles, runs and pleasantly paced cycling tours. We take a dip in a secluded bay, admire the expansive view of sea and shore from one of Tramuntana’s peaks and enjoy the Mallorcan cuisine in an idyllic village.

Recovery for new energy

After a day of a few hard, beneficial hours on the tennis court, spiced with experiences in the Mallorcan countryside, you need a bit of recovery for body and soul. How about a relaxing swim in the pool, or stretching your tense muscles with yoga or massage? A rejuvenating sauna, or maybe Pilates for physical and spiritual balance? Let your body decide what’s best for you.

Food is the main source of energy

The days are full of activity and we put great emphasis on what we eat, to ensure the best energy restoration. An obligatory green smoothie is a part of our balanced breakfast. Packed with vegetables, an orgy of leafy greens and food replete with herbs and spices. Wild-caught fish or grass-fed beef as you like. All organic and locally produced, of course. PS: processed food is banished from the menu.

Easy journey and the best accommodation

We take the early morning plane to Palma on Wednesday and fill our energy reserves with a good lunch at the Palma Sport & Tennis Club – an excellent meeting point for wellness, exercise and tennis in a classy atmosphere. After three action-packed days of tennis and experiences, we land back home again at a reasonable time on Saturday evening.

We spend the three nights at the Sport House on the grounds of the Palma Sport & Tennis Club. If you have your own accomodation on Mallorca it´s obvious that you can stay there during the camp. And if you want to book the flights yourself, feel free to do so.

Not for everyone

Please note that this camp is meant for fairly advanced tennis players – those who currently play at club level or competed nationally as juniors and have now decided to take a second shot at a tennis career. Note: Max nine participants

Tennis Lover. If you think this offer is tempting and would like more information, or if you have any questions, please contact us immediately because we have a limited number of spaces. We’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

Our coaches

Our three coaches are no rookies. Their qualifications speak for themselves.

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Don´t hesitate to contact us. We´ll get back to you within 24 hours.

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