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Our coaches

Our three coaches are no rookies. Their qualifications speak for themselves.

Magnus Norman – the confidence coach

Magnus Norman is a former number-two-ranked tennis player in the world. Known for his intense training regime, Norman won 12 ATP tour titles and the Davis Cup for Sweden. He made the finals at the Roland Garros in Paris and the semi-final in the Australian Open. Norman has worked as a professional tennis coach since 2006. He currently coaches multiple Grand Slam winner Stan Wawrinka. Magnus Norman is also known as the co-founder of the Good to Great Tennis Academy in Stockholm.

Helping other people reach their goals is my occupation and my passion. I always work with only a limited number of pro and youth athletes as a consultant. I make sure I have time for my athletes.

Before you build up a player’s confidence or belief, you have to read the player. It’s different from player to player. Some like to sit down and talk a lot. Some not. It takes time to change habits. But personally I like making changes. It’s quite fascinating.

Clas Björling – a low-key tough guy.

When Clas Björling did his mandatory military duty in 1999, his commanding officers discovered his talent for endurance sports. In 2002 he qualified for Ironman Hawaii and became the rookie champion for his age group. In 2004 he had his breakthrough, taking second place in IM in New Zealand and third place in IM in Brazil. In 2006 Björling broke the Swedish record in an Ironman triathlon at 8 minutes 15 seconds.

But he paid a high price for his success and years of uncompromising hard training. He had pushed his body to exhaustion and could barely get out of bed for months. It was a long, difficult road back to the competitive arenas, but with professional assistance and an iron-clad will, Björling made a comeback, winning the Swedish Championships in the Ironman triathlon in 2009.

Today he coaches 20 single-minded athletes, gives lectures and is engaged in multisport. Along with his three teammates, he became the European champion in Adventure Racing in 2016. Not exactly a picnic in the outdoors: trail running, kayaking and mountain biking for three days and six hours non-stop in the Pyrenees mountains. Time to sleep? Not much: a total of 1.5 hours. Distance: 400 kilometres. Vertical drop: 15,000 metres.

Louise Svaton – the team’s gladiator.

Louise Svaton has worked as a personal trainer and naprapath for about 15 years, but she has trained and competed in a variety of sports for her entire life. Her most competitive years were 1996–2005, when she focused on multisport. In 2001, Louise Svaton won the popular sports entertainment gameshow Gladiators. Today she is mostly into triathlon and swimrun.

Louise Svaton has competed in the Kalmar Ironman, the Stockholm Swimrun and the Åre Extreme Challenge, to name a few. She also spent a few years in the Coastal Rangers’ multisport team and has competed in several international multisport events, such as the High Coast and Le Grand Tour.

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